17 April 2012

cope it


kesian you. you selalu stress lately nie. then kadang-kadang i tambahkan stress you lagi kan. i merajuk tak tentu pasal. sorry you. i betul2 tak sengaja. kadang2 i rasa macam i nak tuka je tempat dengan u. biar i yang tanggung stress u tu. bia i yang buat assigment , projek u tuu. biar i yang study tuk exam ( macam aku pandai je ) biar i rasa stress u. kesian u , i nak u rehat.

u.. untuk pengetahuan u , i pun stress taw sekarang ni. stress goyang kaki , stress makan , stress tido. stress tengok tv. stress sangat2 u , sebab sume tu cam dah terlebih je. terlebih goyang kaki , terlebih makan , terlebih tido , terlebih tengok tv. u kesian tak kat i ? huhu. kite same2 stress tapi i sangat-sangat yakin stress u lagi teruk kan ?

u jangan lah nangis. takmo takmo.

u.. jangan lah stress-stress sangat. i risau taw. u cakap sampai u nak hantuk-hantuk kepale u semalam. jangan la wat camtu u. u buat i risau taw. bile u stress je , tido n makan u mesti tak teratur kan ? i takut u sakit. kalau u sakit , sape yang susah ? u jugak. dah la u malas nak pergi klinik.

u.. hm i pun dah tak tau macam mane nak nasihat u. i pun dah lupe macam mane rasenye stress sebab i sangat-sangat bersenanang lenang sekarang ni. dah laa u , takmo stress2 k. muke u buruk sangat kalau stress dan kalau u nak tau , the more u stress , the more u look older than u are taw. i tak nak kahwin dengan orang yang tue or nampak tue. :P


takkknaaakkkk !

dan disebabkan itu jugak , i dah carikan care untuk cope stress u tu. u try k ? u cakap u tak boleh nak cope. no no no. u cube dulu.

101 Ways To Cope With Stress
Get up 15 minutes earlierPrepare for the morning the night beforeAvoid tight fitting clothesAvoid relying on chemical aidsSet appointments aheadDon't rely on your memory ... write it downPractice preventive maintenanceMake duplicate keysSay "no" more oftenSet priorities in your lifeAvoid negative peopleUse time wiselySimplify meal timesAlways make copies of important papersAnticipate your needsRepair anything that doesn't work properlyAsk for help with the jobs you dislikeBreak large tasks into bite size portionsLook at problems as challengesLook at challenges differentlyUnclutter your lifeSmileBe prepared for rainTickle a babyPet a friendly catDon't know all the answersLook for a silver liningSay something nice to someoneTeach a kid to fly a kiteWalk in the rainSchedule play time into every dayTake a bubble bathBe aware of the decisions you makeBelieve in yourselfStop saying negative things to yourselfVisualize yourself winningDevelop your sense of humorStop thinking tomorrow will be a better todayHave goals for yourselfDance a jigSay "hello" to a strangerAsk a friend for a hugLook up at the starsPractice breathing slowlyLearn to whistle a tuneRead a poemListen to a symphonyWatch a balletRead a story curled up in bedDo a brand new thingStop a bad habitBuy yourself a flowerTake time to small the flowersFind support from othersAsk someone to be your "vent-partner"Do it todayWork at being cheerful and optimisticPut safety firstDo everything in moderationPay attention to your appearanceStrive for Excellence NOT perfectionStretch your limits a little each dayLook at a work of artHum a jingleMaintain your weightPlant a treeFeed the birdsPractice grace under pressureStand up and stretchAlways have a plan "B"Learn a new doodleMemorize a jokeBe responsible for your feelingsLearn to meet your own needsBecome a better listenerKnow your limitations and let others know them, tooTell someone to have a good day in pig LatinThrow a paper airplaneExercise every dayLearn the words to a new songGet to work earlyClean out one closetPlay patty cake with a toddlerGo on a picnicTake a different route to workLeave work early (with permission)Put air freshener in your carWatch a movie and eat popcornWrite a note to a far away friendGo to a ball game and screamCook a meal and eat it by candlelightRecognize the importance of unconditional loveRemember that stress is an attitudeKeep a journalPractice a monster smileRemember you always have optionsHave a support network of people, places and thingsQuit trying to fix other peopleGet enough sleepTalk less and listen moreFreely praise other people
BONUS: Relax, take each day at a time...you have the rest of your life to live!

ps : ikut yang baik2 je taw. ehee

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