03 February 2012

mimpi ke mamai.

i just want to reminiscing this an accident, ohh can i called this an accident ? what-ever

last bla bla day , i was sleep like a baby on my comfy bed. best ! suddenly i just terbangun from my longgg sleep. then i looking for my hp to ensured what time mase tuu. then my mulut said 'ehh'

- 1 new message -

i just opened the message la then kan

nyte sayang :)

oic .. from my baby. i just sleep again lahh kann.

~zzZzzZZzz ~

at 6.45 a.m(awal lettew) i pun wake up from my comfy bed. i just talk to my self  " ohh semalam aku mimpi baby mcj cakap  nyte sayang " ( sambil grin-macam-kambing-tahan-kencing ). lepas tu aku pun basuh muke , solat , mandi mandi , makan makan semua.

selepas semua tu aku pun ambik hp because want to text my friend n aku pun open lah inbox. tetibe " ehh , mesej from baby at 3.30am ? yang berbunyi

nyte sayang :)

haha. ohh thats mean i tak mimpi lah. betul betul my baby text me 'nyte sayang' on that night. haha. i gelak macam orang gile dah lepas tu.

adekah ini dinamakan mamai ?

ps : sori post ni mengarut sebab manglish yang sangat dire n disaster. hahaa

pss : i bagitahu my baby bout this an accident. my baby laughed like crazy after hearing that.
he said then 'mamai lettew'. hahaha

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